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Firstly, other than our own website https://truebluelocals.com, we have absolutely NO affiliation with any business, website or brand mentioned here, we use the 'tools' offered to measure our improvements and that's all.

Since launching True Blue Locals in October 2018 we have been asked many times by Accommodation Hosts, "we have spent hundreds of dollars and hours on SEO and we still do not rank well, why is it so hard to get my Accommodation Website to Rank well on Google"?

The answer to this question can be complicated, confusing, or SIMPLE, so I am going for SIMPLE.


1) Firstly, check your Global Ranking Traffic Statistics here, replace truebluelocals.com with your Website URL (mywebsite.com.au). Ideally you are looking for a Global Ranking of under 220,000. 

Do Not be alarmed, if your Website does not have a Ranking or the Ranking is in the Millions.

Due to the Static Nature of Accommodation Websites this is very normal, it's not good, but it is frequently the case.

There is no need to join Alexa.com to improve your Alexa Ranking, in fact we have found it is easier to improve your Alexa Ranking as a non member.


2) To Rank well, you need a constant flow of active Visitors to your Website, "so how do I attract Visitors"?.

The 'Best' way to gain Visitors is via a Search Engine such as Google, so the first task is to attract Google to visit your website on a very regular basis, Google 'loves' new content and quickly identifies which Websites provide new content and those that do not.

As mentioned before, by their very nature most Accommodation Websites rarely change their content and therefore Accommodation Websites become of little interest to Google and therefore your SEO expenditure and efforts have little effect.


3) You can also increase traffic with a BLOG, Social Media and Twitter, however this means many hours of additional effort that must be updated frequently. Also you need to be sure that your efforts are targeting the correct Demographics for your Accommodation Business.

The Easier, less Expensive way is to join True Blue Locals.

Due to the way the inbuilt features of the True Blue Locals website work ALL of the our members Listings work in harmony with each other, thus the page ranking for all True Blue Locals members is enhanced.


We have Google 'Trained' to Visit True Blue Locals on an hourly basis every day of the year, therefore every listing and backlink of both new and existing listings are  'Checked' and 'Reviewed' by Google regularly and frequently.


The Annual Membership of True Blue Locals is $50.00 Per Year

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Wishing you every Success



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